Local Government

The Town of Southey elects a town council composed of a mayor and six councillors for a four year term.

2020 – 2024     Town of Southey Council

Mayor:  Leigh BishopEmaill.bishop@southey.ca
Councillor:  Rob Dukes (Deputy Mayor)Emailr.dukes@southey.ca
Councillor:  Gordon BaragarEmailg.baragar@southey.ca
Councillor:  Ralph BoehmerEmailr.boehmer@southey.ca
Councillor:  Susan HillierEmails.hillier@southey.ca
Councillor:  Harvey McEwenEmailh.mcewen@southey.ca

Town of Southey Staff

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO): Cindy BaumgartnerEmail: townofsouthey@sasktel.net
Administrative Assistant: Taneill NightingaleEmail: tosouthey@sasktel.net
Public Works Foreman: Tristian MohrEmail: southeyforeman@gmail.com
Assistant Public Works Foreman: Eric KainzEmail: southeymaintenance@gmail.com