Community Services

Southey has many services and organizations within the community.

For a full directory on a wide range of services available in and around Southey, please check out the following link:

211 Saskatchewan is now a phone and text line so people can just call or text 2-1-1 and get all the information about their options they’ve inquired about.


Garbage is collected every Wednesday morning, please ensure your curbside bin is rolled out by 7 am.


Recycling is collected every Second Tuesday morning, please ensure your bin is rolled out by 7 am.

Permitted items to recycle include- flattened cardboard or paperboard, newspaper, flyers, junk mail, envelopes, magazines, catalogs, telephone books, brown paper bags, tissue roll cores, paper egg cartons, aluminum and tin such as soft drink and beer cans, foil trays and pie plates, household tin cans (please rinse first), plastic bags, drink bottles and plastic wrap, confetti shredded paper (bagged separately), juice and milk cartons (rinsed), milk jugs, tetra-pak containers.

We do not accept glass, household garbage, organic or hazardous material, waxed paper, soiled tissues or napkins, Styrofoam or other foam packing material, auto parts and batteries.

FOR A FULL DETAILED LIST: Residential Services Recycling Checklist

Professional Building Inspectors 

The Town of Southey uses PBI for all of their inspection needs.  If you are building a new garage, putting up a fence or doing a home reno you must first fill out an development application at the town office and possibly take out a building permit if required.  For more information on building permits please call, email, or stop by the Town Office.

Southey RCMP Detachment

Police protection is provided by the R.C.M.P. detachment located in Southey.


The quality of life in Southey is supported by the work of many volunteers and organizations:

  • Southey Drama Club
  • Southey and District Lions Club
  • Southey Lioness Club
  • Southey and District Recreation Board
  • Southey Dance Club
  • Loon Creek Wildlife Federation
  • Girl guides, sparks, brownies, pathfinders
  • Senior Citizens’ Club
  • Southey Museum Board
  • Alcoholics Anonymous, Alanon


EMO (Emergency Measures Operations)

In the event of a town Emergency there is a EMO team in place to help the community.  For information about this group check out their Facebook page