Robert Southey School, named after English writer and poet Robert Southey provides classes from K-12.  It is well equipped and offers a varied and full range of programs, academic and non-academic.

School Cairn

The school is situated on a large acreage which includes new playground equipment, ball diamonds, a full-sized track and football field.  Robert Southey School believes that education provides the key to future opportunities.

Mission Statement:  Robert Southey School is a positive learning community where students and teachers can learn and teach to the best of their ability.

A positive learning community consists of courtesy, respect, equity, honesty and integrity.




R Robert Southey School


Southey Preschool Program

Southey has a preschool program for 3 and 4 year olds.  Registration is in August for the school year.

Preschool Contact:  Bree Mickleborough